College Ally

Starfish Initiative is all about college, encouraging our Scholars to “get there, stay there and thrive there”. We depend on our friends in higher education to help us inform our Scholars and their Mentors as to why it would be in their best interests to attend, addressing both financial and non-financial reasons.

Our Starfish Scholar alums have consistently out-performed their low-income peers with persistence rates of 78%, double that of all Indiana Twenty First Century Scholars (40%), a testimony to the role of our Mentors in encouraging, inspiring and preparing them for college success AND to the solid relationships we have built with the admissions offices of Indiana colleges and universities.

Our College Allies financially support our organization and, likewise, assist our Scholars with financial incentives beyond their Twenty First Century scholarships. They agree to provide us with a pipeline of information and resources to share with our Scholars, host our scholars for college visits and work with us to help matriculating Scholars be connected to appropriate campus resources to increase their probability of success. 

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